Quality life FOR LIFE

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At Blue Z Life, you'll have access to Christy Morgan, who is a practicing functional medicine naturopath doctor. Being a part of this community allows you access to health education, with support and encouragement. It doesn't matter where in the world you are, as you'll have instant access to Christy and her wealth of health knowledge at the push of a button!

Inside is an engaging community of health conscious people who are taking the next steps to achieving real health. 

By joining our community, you're helping us achieve our goal of making holistic health affordable.

There will be live office hours each week where Christy is online to answer health questions that concern you personally

 You will have access to Christy's weight loss program, which is based on real health protocols. Forget cutting calories, chemical drinks, and processed pre-made food diets. It allows you to lose weight the proper & healthy way, and most importantly, is able to be maintained for life

Blue Z Health was founded by Christy Morgan. While writing her dissertation to become a naturopath doctor, she chose the topics of LONGEVITY and QUALITY LIFE. This is when she discovered FIVE cultures of people living to 100 and beyond with quality life. She realized, we can all live the blue zone life. 

Christy hasn't always been healthy. Although her family was very athletic, they ate loads of junk food and sugar. Christy had trouble focusing in school, was sick a lot, and was even placed on anti-depressants after seeing a doctor while suffering from fatigue and depression. She didn't realize the sugar and junk food were the root cause of her physical and mental issues. 

Seeking out a better life, Christy met a master herbalist at age 34. They opened her eyes and gave her the tools to change her health and life. After seven years of working with them, Christy decided to train to become one herself. 

Christy also became a phlebotomist and a functional medicine naturopath doctor. Now, she works daily out of her to clinic to help others achieve abundant health, and teaches them to live the BLUE ZONE WAY! 

Imagine you have reached a crossroad in your life. One path leads to degenerative illness, premature aging, tiredness, aching & stiff joints, memory loss, depression, etc. The other path leads to optimal health, abundant energy, happiness, mobility and quality life. Which path would you choose?

If it's the latter, then we'd love to have you join our community and help you on your journey down that path!